Cash Donation From Lottery Winners!

Dear Email Owner,


My wife and I won the EuroMillions Lottery Jackpot of £161 Million Pounds and we have voluntarily donated the sum of £1,500,000.00 Pounds to your email address, this being part of our 2013 Millionaire Donation Project to financially support seven(7) lucky people and ten(10) charity organisations from different parts of the world.


Your email was luckily selected via a Google & Facebook sponsored email-draws, and we decided to put this on the internet for the world to see in other to relinquish any doubts. The News link below will give you an insight as regard our donations;


For immediate release of these donated funds, send your *Full Names:……,*Tel:….. *Age:…..& *Country:…..and we will instruct our payout Bank to transfer the sum of £1,500,000.00 Pounds to you.


Colin & Christine Weir•

Copyright ©2013• The Weir’s Donation Project• All Rights Reserved•

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5 thoughts on “Cash Donation From Lottery Winners!

  1. Marguerite Haire says:

    I have received an email from colin & christine weir re: donation of an amount of 500,000 in british pounds for me to donate and distrubite to charties in thier names.
    they have asked for my full name and address so they can forward these funds.
    Is this a legit or the beginnings of a SCAM.

  2. I got an email also from gloria Mackenzie saying she wanted to donate $800,000 it sounded to good to believe so I emailed her back. I was in shock. I was so excited. Then the adrenaline wore off and I decided to google her name and all I saw was the ‘gloria Mackenzie scam’.

  3. I also received a Mrs. Gloria Mackenzie email, wanting to donate 2 million to me – yea, right!!

  4. Did they email you back? If so what did they ask you to do next to receive the donation?

  5. spy hunter says:

    If anyone gets an email saying you must reply immediately, now, or time is running out; it is a legit scam. The Gloria McKenzie scam uses a famous actor from Sweden to make it sound legit. research all words, names, separately as key words while on the internet if you are not sure. Do not attempt to call or reply to them in anyway, this how they hack into your personal information. If given an option to report it do so immediately.

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